Deadline for renewing/new LMNHS memberships

The deadline for renewing/new LMNHS memberships, to enable a person to vote at this year’s June 17 AGM is fast approaching.

The eligible voters list for the AGM will be closed as of May 17 to ensure that we can get the information out to the membership in the required time.

We encourage community members interested in learning more about the neighbourhood house and getting more involved to take out a membership that has the following benefits:

  • Voting rights at the AGM
  • Discounts for some fee paying programs (ie. Friday Hot Meals)
  • Free membership events (ie. Winter Festival)
  • Can run for the board of directors or sit on committees
  • Receive LMNHS information/promotional materials

Anyone interested can take out/renew their membership with Kathleen at the front desk.

The cost for the 2018 membership is only $3/adult, $5/family, $1/senior/youth

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