Child Care


Child Care Programs provide a safe happy, healthy environment for children, parents and staff. Our Child Care centres are all licensed with qualified staff who work to meet and comply with the Child Care Licensing Regulations set out by the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. We provide enriched programs that run year-round, offering care to children and families in our community; nurturing children’s growth in a safe place.

Geraldine Clevette
Child Care Manager
604.879.7104 ext 311
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Janis Venn
CDC Senior ECE Supervisor
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Christie Akhurst
LMOSC Coordinator
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Jordan Layne
MOSC Coordinator
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Out of School Programs

Marguerite Out of School Care (MOSC)

Promotes and encourages your children to express themselves, and to have fun, in a safe and welcoming inclusive environment. Our program will encourage your child to explore their creativity, humanity and passion for learning. This program serves Shaughnessy Elementary School.

Who: ages 6-12
When: Monday to Friday +Pro-D or other breaks
Times: 7:00 - 9:00 AM and 3:00 - 6:00 PM
Where: Shaughnessy Elementary School, 4250 Marguerite Street Vancouver
Cost: $520/month; Subsidy applications accepted.
Includes: Snacks, most field trip, and transportation costs.

Contact: Jordan

Little Mountain Out of School Care (LMOSC)

Promotes and encourages your children to express themselves and to have fun in a safe and welcoming environment that respects everyone. Fostering skills that help develop your child into confident, healthy leaders of tomorrow. We provide a nutritious breakfast and snacks each day. This program serves McBride Elementary and McBride Annex schools.

Who: ages 5-12
When: Monday - Friday +Pro-D and other breaks
Times: 7:30 - 9:00 AM and 3:00 - 6:00 PM
Where: McBride Elementary School, 1300 East 29th Avenue Vancouver
Cost: $448/month; Subsidy applications accepted.
Includes: Snacks, field trips, and transportation costs.

Contact: Christie

LMOSC Updates:

We have had a busy start to the school year with the children at LMOSC! Last month, the Leaders (grade 4-7's) prepped and made their very own Thanksgiving dinner. The children have also been busy taking part in 'Choices' twice a week. During 'Choices', the children have the opportunity to explore some exciting group activities and outlets. Some of the activities the children have enjoyed tremendously is: working with clay, playing basketball, participating in running club, and various inventive creation stem projects.

We have been focusing on fostering friendships amongst the children and getting to know each other. We have been supporting friendship connections through get-to-know-you games and projects that the children take the lead in. Many of our Leaders (grade 4 - 7) will connect with the younger children through Big Buddies. Big Buddies is a time when the younger children pair up with the Leaders to learn a new game or activity. It is a time for connection and mentoring.

This month the children have some delicious treats they would like to experiment with. Both k-3 & Leaders will. be going skating this month too! On the pro d day, the Leaders will be going to Surrey Fun Park and Climbing Gym, and the K-3's are going to Laserdome to rock climb and laser tag!

LMOSC Spring Break Camps 2023


  • $300 / week (not full-time enrolled)
  • $250.00 / week (fully enrolled)

Spring Break Registration begins:

  • January 2023 - Full Time LMOSC Families
  • February 1 2023 - Returning Camp Families
  • February 2 2023 - New Camp Families

Contact: Christie

Preschool Aged Programs

Child Development Centre (CDC)

An inclusive program whose staff works closely with parents and BC Centre for Ability, to meet all of your child’s basic needs. We believe that children learn best while playing, exploring, discovering their environment and the world around them. We provide a hot nutritious lunch, and 2 nutritious snacks daily.

Who: Licensed daycare for children 3 - 5 years of age
When: Monday to Friday
Time: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: Total Education Program, 425 East 29th Avenue Vancouver
Cost: $887/month (with CCFRI). Subsidy applications accepted.
Includes 2 snacks, lunch, 2 field trips each year.

Contact: Janis

Sunset Daycare Affiliated Daycare

Where: 8064 Buscombe Street Vancouver
Contact: Carlene Roberts - Senior ECE Supervisor
Phone: 604.325.3817