LINC Programming update - October 10th

LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) are free English classes to help you with your life in Canada. You will learn about health care, housing, Canadian laws and many more things that are important for life in Canada.

Online classes available at this time until the end of June. Beginner – Intermediate. Contact Rachel Yang at for more information or to register.

LINC program :

During COVID-19, LINC classes will be either in-person or online. Please contact or 604-879-7104  for more information:

About LMNH LINC Classes: Free English Classes for New Immigrants & Refugees

We provide high quality English classes to refugees and immigrants from LINC 2 to LINC 6. Classes help students participate in their community and at work or school as quickly as possible. LMNH provides both in-class on on-line options. Classes offer individual work, pair work and group work.

Free child minding is provided for most classes for children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years.

LINC in person classes are available at 3 locations with convenient class times to fit your schedule. Classes are 3 hours long, held in the morning and afternoon. Class sizes are small with socially distanced seating. Classes are cleaned and sanitized between each shift.

LINC on-line classes are for students who would like to study from home. The classes are Monday - Thursday for 1.5 hours. The teacher will teach you new material and give you an opportunity to practice your speaking and listening skills. You will be able to speak with the teacher and other students, through a Zoom class. You will learn new vocabulary and practice pronunciation. The teacher will email you homework every day after the Zoom class.

 LMNH offers LINC level 3,4 and 5 on-line.

New Student Registration Updates During COVID-19:

Want to study LINC? Get a LINC Assessment.  See either Rachel or a Settlement Worker to get a Form.

During COVID assessment test results are valid for 2 years, check your old assessment, you may still be able to use it

Need special on-line support contact Rachel for more information.

In both the in-class and on-line classroom you will:

Improve listening, speaking, reading and writing to make friends and learn about your neighbours.

Learn about Canadian culture to access health, education, financial, legal, family and recreational services

Learn about workplace culture to get a job

Earn your LINC certificate (certificates with Listening and Speaking at a minimum Level 4 are accepted as proof of language requirement for citizenship)

LINC Schedule

-LINC: 1AM - 2PM  (in-class)

-LINC: 3AM - 4AM (on-line)

-LINC: 4AM (in-class)

-LINC: 5AM (on-line)

-LINC: 5PM (in-class)

-LINC: 6AM  (in-class)

-LINC: 4PM (in-class)