Donate to City Beet Farm Project at LMNHS

Do you want to help feed your community?

The LMNH Food Hub is so excited to announce our new partnership with City Beet Farm and their plans to grow fresh, local vegetables for our Food Distribution Program!

The LMNH Food Distribution Program operates on a weekly basis and aims to provide healthy, culturally appropriate fresh produce and non-perishable food items at no cost. The need for fresh produce is high in our community. On average each week at our program we serve: 69 households, 202 individuals, 51 children, and 43 seniors. We also currently have 31 people on our waitlist and expect this number to increase as the cost of food continues to rise.

We have launched a fundraiser with City Beet Farm and our goal is to raise $6000 dollars so that they can provide us with 80 produce items (example: 80 bunches of carrots, 80 heads of lettuce, etc.) each week for the duration of the growing season. Every dollar donated will be used to grow this fresh produce which will be distributed directly to our program participants.

At LMNHS, we believe that everybody deserves to have access to fresh, local, nutritious, and culturally appropriate produce. You can help! Visit to donate today!