School's Out Literacy Leaders

The United Way Schools Out “Literacy Leaders” Program is an after-school program for 5 elementary school students in grades 1-3

The program aims to support 120 children from Van Horne, Brock, David Livingstone, Mackenzie, and Simon Fraser Elementary Schools to build healthy relationships with 20 peer mentors - older high school students from Hamber, Tupper and John Oliver Secondary Schools. Participants will be engaged in social emotional learning and community engagement activities with an emphasis on building resilience, leadership, empowerment, and creating a sense of belonging. By supporting children's health and well-being, the program will provide positive after-school activities that explore: child rights, storytelling, academic, social, and physical literacy, including outdoor play. The United Way School's Out Program will positively impact child participants who will benefit from increased social connections, a productive and safe space to spend their after-school hours. Youth mentors, meanwhile, will cultivate new leadership skills and build their confidence and experience by becoming positive role models for younger children. Inter-cultural connections will be facilitated between participants, and children and youth will increase their social networks and build trust, increase community connectedness, and improve confidence and critical thinking skills.

See each schools' registration form HERE.