Little Mountain Neighbourhood House provides activities and workshops for seniors to connect them to the community. We offer a variety of recreational, social, and cultural activities that support the maintenance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit for seniors. The programs encourage language learning and provide enhanced information such as translated social and health resources. Seniors provide leadership in the development and delivery of these programs and activities. The various activities, outings and workshops help newcomer seniors feel comfortable in their new country.

小山鄰舍中心為長者們提供活動和健康講座,讓他們可以與社區有更緊密的聯系。我們提供的 一系列具娛樂性、交際性及文化特色的活動有助於長者保持精神和身心的健康。這些活動不僅 鼓勵長者學習新的語言,還為長者們提供基本的翻譯及進一步的健康資訊。長者在這些活動中 義務擔當領導角色。這些不同類型的室內、外活動及講座還幫助新來的長者們更好、更快地適 應加拿大的新生活.

Wen Ren 任文煥, Chinese & Seniors Settlement Worker
604-879-7104 ext 321


All of our seniors’ programs (except Tuesday Line Dancing which requires $1 donation to the church) are offered Free of charge to local seniors (age 55+).

Chi Kung (Chinese Yoga) / 氣功班

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese fitness exercise that enhances physical and mental health. This Chi Kung class is led by experienced volunteers. Please contact Wen during your first visit to get a copy of the training manual.

When: Fridays 2 - 3 PM
Cost: Free



星期五 2:00-3:00 免費

Friendly English Class / 移民長者友誼英文班

You will learn English conversation and simple readings based on everyday living. Join this friendly class led by volunteers who can also speak Chinese.

When : Thu, 1-2:30pm
Where : LMNH

誠邀您參加這個由會講中文的義工帶 領的英文班。您將學到日常生活相關 的簡單對話。

时间:星期四 1:00-2:30

Knitting Circle & Crafts / 針織手工小組

This Knitting Circle is led by experienced knitters. The participants will learn more knitting techniques and make friends at the same time. Please bring your own yarn & needles.

When: Fri, 11-12pm
Where: LMNH

由針織經驗豐富的義工帶領,針織小 組讓您在豐富自己興趣的同時,結交志同道合的朋友。請自備毛線與織 針。

时间:星期五 11:00-12:00

Life Songs: Telling Our Stories through Conversation and Music / 生命之歌: 唱出我們的故事

Seniors who are interested in singing and sharing your stories are welcome to join this popular program. Led by an experienced teacher, the program will bring seniors together to sing classic songs and share their stories.

When: Fri, 11-12:30pm
Where: LMNH

誠邀喜歡歌唱和分享故事的長者參加 這個活動。長者們會聚集在一起分享 自己的故事經歷,學唱一些與討論內 容相關的英文歌曲。參加本活動的長 者需要具備基本的英文會話水平。

时间:星期五 11:00-12:30

Line Dancing / 健康排排舞

Join us and learn some new dance moves. Enjoy a little chat with new friends, and some light refreshments during the break.

When : Tue, 10:30am-12pm
Where: Cityview Baptist Church
4370 Sophia St.
Cost : $1/session
Who : Current participants only*
When : Fri, 9-11am
Where : LMNH

*Full occupancy

Beading Workshop

Come join a group of active seniors and learn to make beautiful items together. This is a Neighbourhood Small Grant Project.

When: TBA

Mahjong / 麻將活動

Spend your afternoon with a group of friendly and energetic seniors. While playing Mahjong, you can make new friends in a fun environment!

When: Fridays; 12 – 4pm

Cost: Free